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Interlocking: Avante Ashlar - sierra,

Border: Brussels Block Standard - sierra

Accent Border: Il Campo 6x8 - charcoal

Walls and Steps: Pisa 2 - natural


A driveway is the most publicly-visible element of a property.

Yvers Hardscaping driveways stand out as show-pieces of our quality workmanship and our design ability. We are proud of each one, which is why we sign our driveways with the Yvers Logo Signature.

Interlocking: Vintage Classico - granite

Border and Accent dividers: Brussels Block XL - sierra

Driveway extension: Turfstone - natural

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block - limestone

Accent border: Courtstone - basalt

Pattern: Random

Driveway 1

Driveway 2

Driveway 3

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block - mahogany

Accent border and Leaves Design: Brussels B. - desert sand

Pattern: Random

Driveway 4

Interlocking & Border: Stonehenge - Coffee Creek

Accent border and Design: Brussels Block - Limestone

Pattern: Random

Driveway 6

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block - Desert Sand

Accent Border and Design: Brussels Block - Mahogany

Pattern: Random

Driveway 10

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block - Mahogany

Accent Border and Logo Sign: Brussels Block - Sandstone

Pattern: Random

Driveway 11

Driveways 16, 17, 18,

Below some earliest driveways realized in 1988.

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block - desert sand

Accent border: Il Campo 4x12 - heritage brown

Pillars: Brussels Dimensional - desert sand

Pattern: 2 different Random and Running plus Circle

Driveway 7

Interlocking & Border: European Cobble - gray mix

Steps: Brussels Dimensional - limestone

Pattern: Random

Driveway s 8 & 9

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block  - desert sand, sandstone

Accent, Border and Logo Sign: Brussels Block

Pattern: Random, Running

Driveway s 12

Interlocking: vintage Unicobble

Border: Pisa 2 - mahogany

Pattern: Herringbone

Driveway 15

Interlocking & Border: Brussels Block - sierra

Accent and Leaves Design: Copthorne - colour blend

Steps: Roman Pisa - coffee creek

Pattern: 2 Randoms

Driveway 5

Interlocking: Brussels Block Standard - limestone/sandstone

Pattern: Running

Driveway s 13

Interlocking: Brussels Block - cedarwood

Pattern: Random

Driveway s 14

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Driveway 7