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“Our mission is to create the best
hardscape possible for a reasonable price.”
- Yurek  “George” Vers
Yurek Vers, the owner of YVers Hardscaping,  maintains a “hands-on” approach
and is personally involved in every project from the initial on-site estimate, to the final
completed work.

Over 2,000 jobs have been successfully completed by Yurek and his crew since 1988.

The company is fully equipped:
Yurek Vers ensures that every quality project that we create meets
the following four criteria:

1.  Convenient

The purpose of hardscaping/interlocking is that it should be practical, functional
         and safe to use.

2.  Solid

 A quality installation should be durable and long-lasting.

3.  Elegant

 Hardscaping is an art form. Designs are supposed to be beautiful, enjoyable and
pleasant on the eyes.

4.  Affordable

Most of all, quality hardscaping shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Uvision 2D/3D Landscape Creator is the most comprehensive software for designing landscapes available today. Construct patios, driveways, pools, decks, seat walls, fireplaces, grill islands and more! Then finish off your plan with plants and flowers! 16.000 gadgets to choice.

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